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Wills, Probate & Tax Planning

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Wills and Taxation Planning


At Bohan Solicitors we provide a combination of legal and taxation advice. This enables us to provide a complete service to our Clients on both the legal and taxation aspects of a transaction which is particularly relevant in conveyancing and Probate. Additionally, we provide a specialist consultancy service to Solicitors whereby we deal with the taxation aspects of legal matters.

Taxation Planning is a vital component in making a Will. We advise our Clients on both the legal and taxation aspects of their Wills. We also provide a consultancy service to Solicitors who require specialist taxation advice on behalf of their Clients in making Wills.

Probate and Taxation


In addition to dealing with Probate and the Administration of Estates, our service includes all taxation aspects associated with an Estate. This includes dealing with Inheritance Tax liabilities for beneficiaries, providing taxation planning advice to beneficiaries where appropriate and dealing with any other taxes that arise in the administration of an Estate such as Income Tax and Capital Gains Tax. Similarly, we provide a consultancy service to other Solicitors whereby we deal with the taxation aspects of an Estate on behalf of another Solicitor.

Conveyancing and Taxation – Residential


We deal with both residential and commercial conveyancing and include all taxation aspects of these transactions as part of our service. If our Client is selling property which gives rise to a Capital Gains Tax liability, we can arrange the payment of Capital Gains Tax and the filing of a Tax Return for the Client. We also provide taxation planning advice for Clients who are buying properties.

Conveyancing and Taxation – Commercial


We act for high-profile corporate Clients in relation to tax planning and corporate restructuring. Our experience and expertise enables Clients to dispose of properties as taxation efficiently as possible.

Taxation Planning – General


We provide expert specialist taxation advice to Client on a broad range of practice areas, including Revenue settlement cases, residence and domicile issues, the passing of wealth through families and to the next generation and Bohan Solicitors also advices Clients on corporate re-structures and re-organisations, property taxation incentives and Irish domiciled Charities.


Bohan Solicitors provides unique and effective expertise in dealing with the tax affairs of individual Clients. Our advice is specialised, up-to-date and effective in dealing with the integrated tax affairs of high-net individuals and corporate entities. Bohan Solicitors takes pride in the service we give our Clients. When providing taxation advices to Clients in the area of capital taxes, we work closely with the Probate Office and the Office of the Revenue Commissioners in order to deal efficiently and effectively with estates and trusts, the making of Powers of Attorney (including Enduring Powers of Attorney), Living Wills and in dealing with Wards of Court where Enduring Powers do not apply. We are expert draftsmen in the area of Trusts and Wills.

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