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Commercial Law

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Bohan Solicitors operates a commercial practice and advises Clients on the legal and taxation implications of corporate reorganisations and restructures. Bohan Solicitors has a wealth of experience on commercial conveyancing and mergers and acquisitions. Bohan Solicitors delivers advice in a straightforward and practical manner. Bohan Solicitors has completed the restructure and reorganisation of many large Irish organisations, has bought and sold commercial property for small, medium and large companies and organisations. Bohan Solicitors also has a keen understanding of and experience in matters such as franchise arrangements, confidentiality agreements, agency and partnerships and distribution matters, as well as settlement agreements.

Bohan Solicitors has also worked successfully in areas such as intellectual property and data protection, insolvency, corporate recovery and corporate mergers and acquisition.

Insolvency and Corporate Recovery


Bohan Solicitors advises Clients in relation to all of the legal and regulatory implications of corporate insolvency, liquidations, examinerships, receiverships and both creditor and members voluntary windings up. Bohan Solicitors provides a comprehensive service with regard to corporate recovery and insolvency and actively works with and advise liquidators, examiners, receivers and shareholders in relation to any such corporate recovery or insolvency matters.

Bohan Solicitors is advising many Irish organisations and provides a highly professional and effective service to Clients.

Debt Recovery


Bohan Solicitors advises Clients in relation to the recovery of corporate debts. Paul Bohan has completed many applications to Court for debt collection and manages the process from the start to finish, informing Clients on matters on an ongoing basis.

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